The sky is no longer the limit!
The sky is no longer the limit!

Walking With Wil

It’s a new year but my story and my goal has not changed. Thank you for visiting and taking time to learn a little bit about my story. There’s only so much you can say about yourself, so please feel free to ask me any questions whether it be personally about the disease and my story or if it pertains to the walk.

Now for once in my lifetime I would like to talk a little bit about myself and my own personal struggles and victories with Sickle Cell. I've been through the hospitalizations, the surgeries, the blood transfusions, the painful crises, ect. Instead of dwelling on my past or experiences I like to look toward the future. My charitable giving is for the future of people who are affected and live with Sickle Cell disease, trait and other hemoglobin disorders, as well as those who have passed from the complications of this disease. I have Sickle Cell hemoglobin SC, which is a milder form of the disease. At the age of 17 I was introduced to Hydroxyurea (short story; less pain crises). This has undeniably helped my future. If you knew me then and know me now you can attest to this. My plan and my goal is to help someone else's future living with this disease. Whether it's for the next treatment , old treatments, advocating, or just to get out the word about this disease that affects a good percentage of the worlds population. Please join me in this walk (in person, virtually or in spirit) to change someone else's future like mine was changed years ago.

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